A Gifted Man

The Premise

Dr. Michael Holt is a renowned neurologist in New York City with a prestigious practice and billionaire clients. His life is turned upside down when his ex-wife Anna re-enters his life, two weeks after her death. Anna's sudden death left a lot of unfinished business, and she wants Michael to help her. He doesn't want to help, but reluctantly agrees.

The Characters (This will be updated as more characters are introduced)

Dr. Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson)--Cocky and unemotional, Michael tends to act more out of obligation than out of any real connection with people. His relationship with his sister and nephew is strained, although he helps out whenever they need him. Anna seems to be the only person in his life that can bring out a genuine smile.

Dr. Anna Paul (Jennifer Ehle)--A compassionate doctor who has spent her career working with the poor and underprivileged  She sees a side of Michael that most people don't and manages to bring out the good in him. Unfortunately, she's deceased.

Rita Perkins-Hall (Margo Martindale)--Michael's dedicated secretary, Rita knows how to navigate around Michael's prickly personality. She may know everything about Michael, but she doesn't know about Anna.

Dr. Zeke Barnes (Rhys Coiro)--The hardworking doctor at Clinica Sanando. He's trying to keep the place together in Anna's absence, but frequently calls on Michael for help.

Phillip Romero (Raul Esparza)--President of the Board overseeing Clinica Sanando, a university professor, and was Anna's boyfriend when she died. He wants Michael to become the new medical director, but is willing to settle for letting Michael help him find someone else.

Dr. Leo 'Bax' Baxter (Gbenga Akinnagbe)--A colleague at Michael's practice, Holt Neuro. He frequently consults with Michael on cases and the two are also friends.

Christina Holt (Julie Benz)--Michael's sister, a single mother who struggles financially. She's a free spirit who readily embraces Michael's ability to see Anna as being a "cosmic gift." Christina is quirky and open and loves her brother, even if he is kind of a jerk.

Milo (Liam Aiken)--Christina's troubled teenage son can't seem to stay out of trouble.